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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


The music selection was just about perfect. The voice acting was excellent. I gotta say it was great.

Goddamn, but Brilliant!

Unlike the last guy, I think the best part of the movie WAS the voices. They really augment the humor and the characters, especially for Luigi, Peach, the Wario brothers, and Mouser (whose voice was PERFECT for the role).

Graphics are nothing new, but what did you expect from a sprite movie?

And you used one of the only decent rap/hip-hop songs, which boosts sound to a 10- 11 if I could.

All of this- the whole story- in one single movie.



I think you should take out the voices and put captions. I watched that movie two times because of my brother *glomps him* and the voices just...eh >.> I don't really like the voices but everything else is great, especially the baby part xD

Basic point:
Take out the voices and put subtitles OR put subtitles and keep the voices so I can mute the volume xD

Sprite film of the year...

Brilliant...It was funny, you used sprites I haven't seen before, and it really gave them character. The voice acting was the best ive heard in a long time and the plot was simple yet efficent. My only critism is that although your animation is great there just isn't enough happening on screen at the same time, have your characters walk or change emotions or have something happening in the background rather than just having two characters talking. In conclusion, for me 2006 has been a very disappointing year on NG with the asbence of Knox, VGDC (theyre back, yay!) and the holdback on StickRPG2 AGAIN! At least this brought the sprite films up a bit unlike the disappointing but still kind of good Choas 2

I declare you the king

You managed to create your own plot line, injest a few moments of humor, and you did a damn good job at animating. I now declare you the king of sprites... take that VGDC