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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


i usually hate it when people put voices on mario characters, but you did extraordinarily well.

best mario flash ever.

Delicious and refreshing!

This-a was a very good-a movie. I just really think we can do without the Italian puns. (None of us actually question something in the name of spaghetti...) Funny, well-written, and a good length, but I wish someone would bring back the classic voices of Mario and Luigi into their flash. (The Super Show voices.)

Haha pure gold.

This is by far your best flash up to date,it was lengthy,had a great deal of work and style done to it and excellent voice acting,i was really into it and had a lot of great laughs,excellent job. =D

Great Mario Movie

Man this was really good, also good choice on the music for it it was amazing.

pretty good!

kinda long lol, but really good, go sounds and good sprite graphics.hahah I loved the wario and waluigi part that was funny. the ending made kinda no sence but otherwise really good, I oved it.