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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"


I Cant Wait Till The Next One Comes

Very good game, but story incorrect.

The story is no the official capcom one, which was revealed in the rockman perfect works set. This may be your own storyline, but i should state the official one just in case you or anyone else wants to hear it.

It began when zero sealed himself up (This was shown at the end of X6, but it did not take place until years later.) Then came the maverick wars, a huge outbreak of the sigma virus corrupted many reploids and the wars then started from there. While Zero was sealed up his mind and body were extensively studied. Since Zero gave sigma the original maverick virus(Which then mutated into the sigma virus due to sigma's programming) his mind and body were used to create the mother elf, which was used by X to delete the sigma virus once and for all. Zero played no part in the maverick wars. Shortly after that the original body of zero was stolen by wile and he placed a curse on mother elf which made her the dark elf. He then modified Zero's body, making him Omega and combined it with the dark elf. To defeat wile Zero's original mind was transferred into a copy of his original body to assist X. They succeded and the dark elf was sealed away, and wile and omega were banished to space. However since Zero had not fully completed his 102 years of sleep he sealed himslef away once again, only in his copied body. Shortly after that the dark elf could no longer be contained and X sealed his body away to keep the dark elf imprisoned. Then Copy X was made from X's Dna, not his mind and that led to the first Megaman Zero. hope this helps some, and I cant wait for a sequel, since this is easily the best megaman game on NG. :)

Pretty dang decent.

There's a problem - Ciel, a "child prodigy"? Unless this is an ancestor, this is 100 years before Ciel appears to be 20. Otherwise, better than the games themselves.

Great Game...

it plays like a real mega man zero game. good job.


Big improvement from the last one