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Reviews for "Electronic Torture"


I couldn't possibly imagine who that friend could be.. hmmm let me think.....

You don't need to keep my name outta there... I wont sue you or something. I also have something to show you,, I'llshow you it on MSN..



Very nice

I like this song a lot, it's very clean and clear. Different from a lot of songs I hear here, and that's a good different. I like your use of crashes for your buildup, they weren't too plentiful, but there were plenty there. Your melody is simple yet interresting, which is good, because if it gets too complex it sounds bad. I've listened to it about 3 times now, and it's very well made, I gave you a 10 and a 5 on the click rating. Thanks for making an enjoying song.


PERVOK responds:

thanks for making an enjoyable review!

i checkd out your stuff, its good, but of course, needs stuff to improve on.

great stuff!and thanks again.

Thats great

Its nice to hear your songs again. That one is awesome you did very good so continue man, please do not stop.

PERVOK responds:

turst me man, i aint stoppin.

thanks for the review!


Not too overbearing, not at all boring. I love it. It's trance, not to much background action, but just enough melody, drum&bass in the proper proportions

PERVOK responds:

drum & bass, eh?

well, now that you mention it....

thanks for the review, man!

Nice sounding

Just plain and simple. nice sounding

PERVOK responds:

VERY plain, might i add.

thanks for the review!