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Reviews for "Kitten is Angry!"


awesome! tee hee, i love this song.... lemon demon is awesome.... hhhmm... i should make one!!! anyways.... when i watched it, the sing along lyrics at the bottom kinda lagged... it didnt really matter for me since ive already got the song memorised! =P but, other than that, awesome animation, awesome music, of course. i voted five on it! and not just because it's lemon demon, either...

that was...

That was really cute!! Reminds me of my cat when he's pissed off......psychotic loveable balls of fur!! and spacejelly get a f*cking life,the song did match the animation really well in fact. you have no idea what you are talking about it was really cute and funny.

It was awesome!

That was really good. I like cats! I also love that song.

I cant get it out of my head!!!

One of the best music videos iv'e ever seen dude, well done!

Another great Lemon Demon hit.

Great job on visuals. Just one criticism: the subtitles seemed a bit delayed, but still 5/5.