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Reviews for "Kitten is Angry!"


I'd hate to see that cat on PMS.


that kitty reminds me of me GIMME FOOD NOW OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The song was catchy. I liked it. The video was a little gruesome for this type of song, but this was given a T rating so I guess beggars can't be choosers.

The animation wasn't the best. In fact it was really unrealistic. But then again, this a cartoon music video so I can't hope for the best.

The artwork was really good for a cartoon. Almost like a homocidal Garfield don't you think?

The song was catchy. I don't necessarily think it's AWESOME but it's catchy. Really nothing more to it.

This is perfect the way it is really. A lot of people might say it needs improvement but I don't think so.

Not the best lemon demon song

A very 'miss' song in my opinion, but a lot of the animation was hilarious. =]

Good Job!

Quite a cute and funny short cartoon. Well drawn, great load time, set well with the lyrics. Two thumbs way up on this cartoon.

Reminded me of my own cats. Thanks for the laugh!