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Reviews for "Kitten is Angry!"


It got pretty boring after a while.... But still good and nice music!!!


I don't really see what Sixflab is talking about. You might have reused animations but at least you re-used them in a good way. It's not noticable unless you are looking for it and even then it's not unbearable.


It was ok. I was already familiar with the music, so I knew what to expect, but this wasn't anything like what I expected. Seems like halfway through you just decided that it was essentially done and reused the same movie clip over and over. The mean face, being used over and over, made me kind of irritated too. Maybe it's just me, but this just wasn't that good. Sorry. Try drawing more than 3 or 4 facial expressions next time.


I like the pictures and the song is awesome ten stars colored


whats tae kwon do?