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Reviews for "Sonic triple madness 2"

best dream ever mighty is ok in imaginin

very funny

great ending

i do love the whole mighty change series, that was great and whats this? you plan to make another movie madness series?.......AWESOME!!!!! make it so and bring back all original voices and ill be very happy


Before I watched this I went to get some cheese for the movie and later fang holded a sign that said I like cheese and I said here you go!!!! LOL!!!! The end was funny and evil and it had even more evil!!!!!!

that epic and one of first movie of i had watched

ya know, i think the other 2 crappy episodes of sonic other madness are good either , all the serie is great but the titles are a little confused, well i can wait for your next works, oh besides you forgot to include sonic and the treasure hunt and dumb movie starting sonic, they are great too and should be one of your first intermissions of sonic madness