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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"

it was good

You did a good job making the flash and it looked great but come on man grapes and blue balls runing around with guns it didnt make any sense.But awsome job making it keep up the good work.

Wonchop responds:

There were no grapes... And the blue ball didn't have a gun...
Remember, not all things in the world have to make sense.


first off, i will admit that i hate the locks and the clocks, always have, always will. but to be fair, you used an awesome song from an awesome band, kudos for that. and it was pretty good over all... so congrats, you got the anti-lock to watch locks.... yay for you

Wonchop responds:

Erm ok.

Fantastic animation

Usually I don't like LL. But this was an exception. Made me laugh in most bits.

Wonchop responds:

Only a 4? :(

You know...

I looked at the authors profiles....and one was from locktopia, ha good one, and the other from england....and yet theres a japanise song with subtitles...in ..i dont even remember, and then in smaller text the lyrics in english.....gay song....and even gayer it wasnt in english..im all about supporting other cultures...but come the fuck on. and when iread the front page saying action packed.. i was expecting..violence. but it was like watching a little kids cartoon with a japanise song playing in the background and i had to read the subtitles....FUCK that.

Wonchop responds:

You didn't have to read the subtitles if you didn't want to. :/

Boy... That was lame.

It has nice graphics and all, but all I wasn't amused/amazed at a single point. It really didn't catch me, like a flash should.

Graphics: 9, excellent.
Style: 3. Meh. Locks that do shit from anime series, I don't watch any anime so I don't know...
Sound: 5. Some japanese music with some vague content I didn't understand.
Violence: 7, nice scenes.
Interactivity -
Humor: 0. Sadly, one of the (to me at least) most boring flashes on Newgrounds.
Overall: 4. No matter how great the graphics were, this flash did not deliver it's purpose of entertaining me (seeing as flash movies are entertainment).

Sorry, but this isn't my thing.

Wonchop responds:

I don't this was meant to be humorous (besides Breadfruit's lil bit)