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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"


Awesome animations with a good song makes this flash terrific!! You guys hav good stuff keep it up!

Wonchop responds:


Hmm kind of mediocre

Since wonchop is always "honest" reviewing my stuff, ill also be honest on this one. The only part that was worth watching was Fierras'. That guy truly knows how to animate. Apart from that, the rest of animation was kind of mediocre. Most of the parts have good graphics, but some just seem too mediocre. Also, I dont think that locks were made to look "cool" with swords and stuff like that. It just doesnt combine. Its like trying to put mr Bean as a main character of an anime...
3/5, better luck next time.

Wonchop responds:

A Mr Bean anime would at least be better than the kid's cartoon.

it was good

You did a good job making the flash and it looked great but come on man grapes and blue balls runing around with guns it didnt make any sense.But awsome job making it keep up the good work.

Wonchop responds:

There were no grapes... And the blue ball didn't have a gun...
Remember, not all things in the world have to make sense.


first off, i will admit that i hate the locks and the clocks, always have, always will. but to be fair, you used an awesome song from an awesome band, kudos for that. and it was pretty good over all... so congrats, you got the anti-lock to watch locks.... yay for you

Wonchop responds:

Erm ok.

was pretty good

but the clock crew beats the lock legion by far