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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"

Now this is animation!

This is good. The japaniese to english thing seems to work well and keeps you interested and the animation of it all is smooth. The only draw back to it is the story line doesn't seem to have any real point at all. nice one over all though

Wonchop responds:

I really need to explain to people that collabs aren't supposed to have plot.


Awesome animations with a good song makes this flash terrific!! You guys hav good stuff keep it up!

Wonchop responds:



Tee-hee-hah-hah-hah--Eh heh.
That was good.
Maybe this should make front page.

Wonchop responds:

Prolly will
*unzips pants and enters Tom's bedroom*

its not that its bad...

its not bad at all really.
its just that being a HUGE fan of AKFG.....
and having made a few amv's myself for that song (anime music videos)
i just feel fairly dissapointed in this.
it doesnt really have much of a central theme....just kinda locks doing stuff.
and for asuch a great song it deserves it.
oh and im a bit pissed cos now errbodys gonna be all AKFG WEWT!!!!!
when i have the cd's and stuff so it just makes me a bit mad.
(time for the actual review sory for the rant ^.^')
graphs-7-some parts slowed up a bit...just didnt seem polished ....
style-6-overall the style was pretty good it just needed some unification...unless u were going for random. not my flash.
sound-10-like i need to explain.
violence-6-um it had violence?
interactivity-7-u cant really be interactive for a video the specials features were kinda nice
humor-0-cos its not funny? was it suppose to be?(no)
overall-7-im pissed that ur mainstreaming AKFG but w/e it was still a good video.

Wonchop responds:

It wasn't really my intention to 'mainstream' AKFG. Heck, I don't even know what it means.

Big fan of FMA not so much of the locks though.

I debated if I should write a review for this movie or not. I know that opening pretty well and I feel that this flash could have been done better then it was. However I have to give respect to Wonchop because his parts I really enjoyed especially his part near the end. A good effort by everyone but I belive some people could have beefed up there parts a little.

Wonchop responds:

We ran out of beef so we used pork instead.