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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"

Love The Full Metal Theme.

I give it a 3 .. only because I think they could have done somthin a little more to make it go with the FMA Theme song .. I still liked it very good graphics and I love the FMA Song .. but there could have been some more FMA things in it.

Wonchop responds:

We could have, but I didn't want the collab to be all FMA based as it would've been very unoriginal.

very enjoyable

very good
i enjoyed it alot

Wonchop responds:



Awesome animations with a good song makes this flash terrific!! You guys hav good stuff keep it up!

Wonchop responds:



Tee-hee-hah-hah-hah--Eh heh.
That was good.
Maybe this should make front page.

Wonchop responds:

Prolly will
*unzips pants and enters Tom's bedroom*

Big fan of FMA not so much of the locks though.

I debated if I should write a review for this movie or not. I know that opening pretty well and I feel that this flash could have been done better then it was. However I have to give respect to Wonchop because his parts I really enjoyed especially his part near the end. A good effort by everyone but I belive some people could have beefed up there parts a little.

Wonchop responds:

We ran out of beef so we used pork instead.