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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"


definatly front page, definatly. That was amazingno more to be said

Wonchop responds:


Come for the Collab, Stay for the Awsome Jap Music

Graphics - Depended Upon the Artist

Style - Alot, but some refernces to Japanese Anime

Sound - Loved the Song, Full Metal Alchemist?

Violence - Some Anime-esqe violence

Interactivity - Scene Select, Artist Profiles, Quality Controls

Humor - Not Really that much, but with some tounge-in-cheek humor here and there

Overall - It gets 8 Key of Glortans out of 10

Wonchop responds:

and 5 Pikachu Clocks


too bad there are no good songs in ENGLISH

Wonchop responds:

Oh well

Usually I dont like these types of flashes......

But this one made me go SQEEEEEEE! I cant give locks a very good graphic review sorry :( a 5 for you. The style was good the music synched perfectly and ummmm yeah it was good so an 8 for you guys. You had music and good music at that so you get 6. Well it was just blasts and sword clashing so a 3 for the violence. So many buttons you get an 8 for interactivity. The foamy part made me chuckle so a 3 for humor. Overall you did pretty good so an 8 for you nice job guys make more lock movies like these :D.

Wonchop responds:

We get a 5 for graphics cos we're locks but we get an 8 for interactivity cos we have buttons? Weird. O_o


Did I see Ed?

Nice job!!

Wonchop responds:

I believe you did