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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"

NJ for flash movie

Indeed i Apreciated(ugh, i know there's a typo in there) *liked* the movie you made, although the people in there looked like fruits ans veggies with keyholes for faces, it was fun to watch

NJ and Keep up with the good work


Wonchop responds:

Ta. I probably should've mentioned a lil story about why we have locks on our faces but meh, I had to submit it 2 times to get it up so I wasn't bothered about the description by then.

Not bad

I like it. You can make a story with furits and veggies having faces as key holes. The most points is the graphics. I LOVE the graphics. Nicely done

Wonchop responds:



its great ;P

Wonchop responds:

Don't you mean...Grrrrrrrrreat?



Guys like You make me love Locks :D because they have good taste of music and there animations kick Ass X'D

Wonchop responds:

Thanks. :D Sure beats another System of a Down collab.

Hard to revieuw

I find it hard to revieuw this submission because the song was great and some animations where awsome!! like the one's of wonchop and metal_myles (don't my my spelling drunk again :-) but the other authers just gave me the impression the didn't worked as hard as the rest.

For the rest the song was awsome watched the movie twice first for the movie itself and then for the lirics of the song. But keep op this work I am a uge fan of collabs or whatever huraaah hoplah and slamatmakan.

Wonchop responds:

Thanks. We're trying to extend into non music-video collabs.