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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"


Wow, that was really cool! Wanchop delivers once again! I gave it a 10 in sound because I love that song. It has got to deserve a 10 in style too. It only got a 3 in interactivity because the only buttons were play and replay. This is the first lock legion movie I have seen and I will be on the lookout for others for sure!

Wonchop responds:

Lol, you misspelled my name twice XD

Not bad, but not themed to the song...

Never I thought I'd see anything half-decent from the Legions, Nice work. Most of the critique stats are based on this is a full version of a song I like. Oh well.

Wonchop responds:

You don't like full versions? O.o

A very original style of animation.

Although these are Locks, the graphics are noticable and they stand out. I find this submission to be one of my favorite submissions on newgrounds, and this is one of those Lock movies I would reccommend to anyone who is craving entertainment.

Great job!

That was awesome! I've been down in the dumps lately about Channel Awesome. It's great how not every contributor was a lock. Is Wonchop one? I mean, he doesn't have the word Lock in his name nor is his design a Lock. The animation was great.

Was this music from "Naruto"? It certainly seems like it. It should be in the Naruto section than. I even like the title. You guys have such distinct drawing styles.


Did I see Ed?

Nice job!!

Wonchop responds:

I believe you did