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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"

What last guy said!

Awesome!! This is one of the best collabds ive ever seen, wait.. it IS the best ive ever seen. All the animations were good and the music went along with it very well!! Hope you guys make more of these, you guys seem to make the best collabs. Really starting me to think about getting into flash.

...Uh...Why does Ed have a keyhole for a face?

OK, I like the fighting scenes, and I've got Rewrite on my Myspace, plus I like the fireball throwing, it probably would have been better if the guy also did lightning, but keyholes for faces? I mean, seriously, they need eyes, and they can't exactly see out of a keyhole. Sure, mabye they can eat through it, but other than that, there isn't much to do through it, except lock and unlock things. Also, if you have Edward Elric, it would be good to include Alphonze Elric in the armor, obviously without the keyhole in the helmet he looks through.

Wonchop responds:

It's the Lock Legion. Hence the locks on their faces

lock legion rocks

i a member of lock legion
i will cut my victims in half.


The animation and graphics in this collaboration were amazing. Congrats to all that worked together to achieve such an awesome submission, and I hope to see more from all these authors in the future.


Wonchop responds:

Ta, man

It was good

i dident really understand the veggies in it and it was kinda jumpy >.> but it was really well made and the music went well with the clip! Next time your going to make a movie can you add a few more humans plz? lol other then that i liked it

Wonchop responds:

Kinda defeats the purpose of it being a lock movie. It's like putting hand drawn graphics in a sprite movie. Lol.