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Reviews for "LL - Rewrite"


About friggin time, I had to restrain myself so that I didn't watch the whole lot on the forums. Very well organised Wonchop, and congrats to the participents, you've pulled together for one hell of a collab. Job done well.

(Lol, Barbarian talking on this account cuz my other one is banned from reveiwing >>)

Wonchop responds:



We need more stuff like this.

Wonchop responds:

heyul yer. where's my mechawhip? here it is. Oooooh Diiiiaaaaaa!

Great piece of work!

Ha this was really well animated.You do know this will be in the top 50 tommorow,With a score 4.33!perhaps 2nd place!

Wonchop responds:

It won't actually, cos they don't update the top 50 til Wednesday


I cant believe how this many artists got a smooth, flowing collab like that. Good Job all around.

Wonchop responds:

Thanks. I had done a collab before so I had some knowledge on how to get a collab running smoothly.


You guys did an awesome job pulling this together. I loved how many diffrent styles there were in there. Overall it was a great piece and i can certainly see improvements in everyones abilities/styles.


Wonchop responds:

Logged into your bro's account I see?