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Reviews for "Rig - Moar"


More I needd Moreeeeeeeeee

I hated techno until I heard this. It was funny.

This was very good, I just think you could've fixed some of the volumes on certain sounds.

Otherwise good job. :D

Great song man.

Now why don't you try and take back #1 from me on Audiosurf?
I request MOAR challenge!

I absolutely love this song i want moar!

Ok at 2:50 someone tell me this sounds like a Crash Bandicoot song, cause it does and I had childhood flashbacks :D


Very few dancey technoy songs get me tapping my feet and moving in my chair like an idiot with no self respect because it's so catchy, but this one succeeds! It keeps changing just enough to stave off any bad repetition but keeping the same catchy beat going.

One of those songs i can put on loop and listen to all day! Looking forward to anything similar material you come up with.