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Reviews for "Storm the House 2"


I got up to a nice 250 and i didnt error me. dude, its ur comp. I Just killed the whole fun when i bought old glory. Especially when they all grouped up next to wall. MAKE ME MORE FOOL!!!!!!

WOOT its back

i loved the original i was so addicted to it. Now this one has even more stuff yay!

BIG improvement!

This game was far more balanced than the first! In the first game I couldn't make it all that far, in this game though, I managed to get to the "end" of it (30 silo guys, 50 gunmen, 60 workers, all the guns and so on) at medium. Though I guess I could've been lucky with what I upgraded after each level.

The weapons were AWESOME. In other games, the handgun is usually the next best of the normal weapons, shotguns are the worst, and automatic weapons the best. But in this game it's different, here the shotgun is more powerfull than the handgun, and the grenadelauncher actually is effective even though it has a slow rate of fire. And the gravity gun just ROCKS (wish it could take more enemies at a time though).
The only "bad" would have to be the anti-tank rifle, as it really fires too slow and costs too much for the damage it does (by the time you get it you'll have to click your fingers off in order to kill anything).

The sound is good, fits the weapons well.
The graphics are very functional (just what this kind of game needs), and my computer didn't lag even at the last level I played, something most games cant say for themselves.
The interactivity score speaks for itselves.
Humor is for the fun of throwing tons of people and hardware in the air with the gravity gun.

Overall, an AWESOME game, it's on top of the defence games sharing first place with "Defend Your Castle"!


hey the music comed from PROJECT DCK!


this is by far the 100% best dfence game i have evr played. i played to day 43 i had 268 gunners 83 carftsmen and 100 silo workers. i was aout to quit the game when i got fisty Mcbeefpunch. for anyone who hasn't played this game, you must get to day 40 be4 u get him.