Reviews for "Storm the House 2"


Day 35:
375 Gunmen
50 Craftsmen
50 Silo Worker
100 Ammo
All Guns
All Upgrades
About $100,000 before starting level.

Very good game.

Very addiciting game. I'm at level 50, 500 gun men, over 1 mill, 102 craftsmen, 100 silo men, and I don't even have to fire anymore unless I want to. You should put more upgrades, mabe some vehicles, more wepons, and what other people before me said, but overall it was a great game. Make another one please?


The best, most addictive "defend the castle" Game ive played yet. i just had to stay up till 3am to get the minigun. Good work bro.


Wow this game is unbelievably good. I'm really surprised and actually disappointed that this game didn't get the #1 game of the month. It might be more simple than the others but I think it is much more addicting and just plain fun. I also think that there was more work put into it.

There is only one bug I have found so far, at the end of day 23 I completely fortified my base and upgraded the wall, when the next day started my "Old Glory" wouldn't fire(No I'm not just being stupid, I know how to use the gun because i had had it for the past 2 days and it worked fine) the other guns work fine but it seems Old Glory has something wrong with it. Oh I also had just raised the ammo lvl to 56. Excellent game though.

Salute - To You and Your War.

4.11 / 5.00 (+ 0.00017)

Okay so it's extremely addictive and I just had to get to the end... just to see. Not worth it :|

But it kept me playing for that long, which seemed like an eternity and I didn't die so I guess all in all it was pretty kick ass. Good Job!