Reviews for "Storm the House 2"

Good Old Fashioned Mayhem

It far surpasses the first game in the series without a doubt, and is excellent, if repetitive. Once you get things fortified enough with Repair Men and Rifle Men you don't even need to touch the game again but for the screen between days. That said, it's a great outlet for mayhem.


CIf u make a STH 3 add a Sell Gun man Buttun cuz when u have to meny it kinda gets boring


its fun in the beginning
the enemies need to give little money
seriously by level 15 i was unstoppable
by level 25 i had all i needed
by level 30 i didnt even needto help my team
by level 32 im playing another game while this goes on :l


I reach level 40, Fisty Mcbeefpunch lol


a really good game but....
destroyed everything without saving >.<