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Reviews for "Storm the House 2"

well done only the upgrades are so hard to get

Well, I thought this was a good game. I did have a major problem with this. It just has the same enemies come on over and over and the levels are too long. I at least think you deserve credit for having something that does flow well. I could clearly understand everything that was going on. It proved to be challenging.

I liked the little blood that was everywhere when you shot. Didn't see any wounds on the enemies themselves, though. I imagine stick figures can't have that much detail. I thought the sounds were pretty well done. A pity it takes so long to get upgrades.

I play this game whenever I find time to kill, one of my favourites despite its age.

I found a bug though, just wante to mention it, it seems that when ammo capacity is over 900 (nine hundred), the "Old Glory" minigun can't fire any bullet, and so, I have to see my men fight to protect the house. The others seem to work fine, the only problem comes with the minigun, maybe it has something to do with the recoil it has before firing?

I luv this old ass game
kinda feel.....nostalgic.
did i spell that right?
wat eve's

This is Good.
But i just don't preffer it. (not being hateful)