Reviews for "Storm the House 2"

Why are these guys out to blast my house!

The mother of all furballs. Man, gravity gun, auto cannon, who cant love this game, my own missle silo, i would love to have one on the front lawn for those danm solicitors. Seriously though, great game. the final uber weapon was a stroke of genius, original spin on a classic style of game.

this is 1 of the best Defense games!!

the only thing that sucks is that it gets "hands free" way to fast...and also the difficulty levels arent that hard i played on "why god" and i was hands free by day 20 =(

Woot! hells ya

This is a freakin awsum game. i like it how there is more options and weapons to choose from since ze last game.

But 1 thing, that is sorta mean

What kind of idiot general would arm is troops with swords when u can give them RPGs M14s and M60s and crap?

gets too hard too fast

it takes alot of mind power and planing, but its fun...it seems to get too hard really fast on easy.
i want to see storm house 3

all right

pretty awesome except that the minigun and the gravity completely sucked once i started using the minigun i lost wtf