Reviews for "Storm the House 2"


lags too much

Loved this game!

I played this for hours haha i had 50 gunmen 30 rocket people and 20 doctor things god i couldnt stop playing until i had the biggest gun i got it on day 20

had... everything...

addicting.... soo.... much.... lag.... *cries*

very good game

very good game better than no. 3

Nice game but here are a few hints.

Dual pistols-5/10 good gun to start with and very accurate
SMG-3/10 not really worth it because it is unaccurate and it would be better if u stuck with the pistols
Shotgun-8/10 good gun if u reload every now and then and kills multiple
Machinegun-8/10 strong gun to use and pretty accurate but takes a while to reload
Grenade launcher-9/10 it's like a slower more powerful version of the shotgun
Sniper rifle-10/10 i would say the best gun i the game because it is very stong, reloads fast, and blows tanks up really fast
Grav gun-8 or 9/10 idk really it felt just like the grenade launcher but just more unaccurate
Minigun-9/10 like a stronger version of machinegun but i feel it's not the strongest in the game...