Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"


needs more old man if you ask me....


The best series in the world is back, iv been waiting for this moment for ages!! This was a very good start to a new season of projectDCK i liked the speam jokes thay were great. Keep them coming!!

So good.

Dude, since your first DCK movie you seem to have got alot more fucked up ^^' for that i congratulate you, seems that crude humour seems to work alot more than the occasional hidden joke.

That said the vileness of this one , made me laugh my arse off....twice, so good job, and keep em' cummin.

p.s see what i did there "cummin" ....*sigh*

so cute, funny and well-done!

i love this animation and all the others that you guys have created. there's a lot of talent here, great job!


Cycon RULES!

I love your work man! This was great like the rest of Project DCK. I hope to see new episodes in the near future. Your art work have really got better since "The wrong vagina" Seriously keep up the awesome work. I'll be checking your site as well as well for new work.