Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"

oh man another breaking hit since the wrong vagina

wow cycon you know how to make a guy laugh out loud.......oh shit........seizure.........goodbye cruel world. i shall return


Funny as hell! Good graphics, and violence. I especially liked the part where Cycon told his customer that he has an ejaculation helping thingy call "Christina". That was fuckin' hilarious!

i wish i had a personal fan thing

twas muy bien n stuff n i wish i was as talented as you excuse the arse kissin n crap but i do mean it

Moment of your time?

You already know this flashs owns so I won't waste your time on it. I was hoping in the second fanmail you could show us who would win if Klunk got pissed and decided to fight Naruto. Thank you for your time.

very funny keep making more

I like the part when u was trying to take sperm from hooker body that was funny