Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"

this movie rocks

i love all of the dck movies and i hope you keep makeing them for the rest of your lives

wow thats awesome

i just talked to CyconGod on AIM. he actually answers o.o. unlike OTHER people

FIRST fanmail???

To The dipshit who just reviewed this flash: he has his own site, and if you are such a fan of DCK, you would know that by now. He has own site to be updating.

PS.: Cycon's "ejacu-pump" was called Christina???
Does Klunk know what his robotic girlfriend is being used for!!??
(in reference to "Oh, Baby!")

Your Like my 3rd favorite FLASH person.

You Haven't updated ur Site or been on newgrounds in forever.
You probably won't see this review either......I mean where are u?


lol says it all