Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"

Love your flash, mate...

I sent you a fanmail. It's signed "Generic fanmail name to protect identitys". It's funny. I gave you joke fodder. Use the fodder!

Anyway, all of your movies rock. I'd review 'em all, but I'm lazy...


That was cool, expect fanmail from me that just puts ideas into your cranium

Cycon RULES!

I love your work man! This was great like the rest of Project DCK. I hope to see new episodes in the near future. Your art work have really got better since "The wrong vagina" Seriously keep up the awesome work. I'll be checking your site as well as well for new work.

very funny at the end.......

all of it jokes can't w8 2 c more

Very funny.

I loved it. Also, I like how you spoofed Legendary Frog with the character Epic Toad. Hope you keep the show going.