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Reviews for "BBQ: Need 4 Beef"


I like the fast pace framerate in this BBQ-Man flash,the script was funny and the racing scene was pretty awesome too with the Mute City music and the action that went with it,it's rare that i give a 10 for a BBQ-Man flash but you deserve it.


Spectacular, this film has it all.

That is AWESOME.

It's movies like these that I wish there was an option to give an overall of 13.


^^Good Points^^
Funny how this is better than any movie I've seen actually made by BBQ himself. The graphics look just like his movies, but the storyline and humor in this one was much better than any of his. I thought this was pretty humorous and it had a good storyline. Very nice job.

^^Needs Improving^^
I didn't really like the other guy's voice over. What was he a croisant? Anyway, I also don't like BBQ's style of animating, which you tried to emulate here.

Best of bbq movies.

Pure gold.

TackleberryClock responds: