Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 4"

excellent idea

Excellent movie. It must take you awhile to make such good movies like these. My favorite parts are when bill says something like "i drink piss" and everyone stares at him for like 15 seconds. The graphics arnt the best but who cares. The style is great i havnt seen anyone else use this technigue. And the scripts are unpredictable. in short terms AWESOME!!!!!


This is the best set of movies iv ever seen. I love bill. "No Not to bad i got it lubed up preety good." LOL I DIED LAUGHING. Great job keep making more.


man these idiots anonymous series get better each time u should make more.

SPIFFY! It rox!

Holy crap dude, I LOVE IA! I've been making everyone in my house watch it!! Some people might think the graphics are not up to par but I think that's what makes it totally awesome!! :D BILL IS MY FAVORITE!! "My pickle is to die for!" haha god...you should sell T-Shirts for it! I'd hella buy one! Especially if it had Bill sayin "Tapiocaaa" haha god, YOU ROCK FOR MAKING THIS. You are my new idol! :D --- Cat

pickels and mayoneise

lol that was the funniest part!