Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 4"

Funny as hell....way worth the loading time!!!

I've really got to hand it to you, the graphics are great. Loved the picture of Dr. Evil on the wall behind the pickle dude. The voices were awesome, and that sugar addict cracked me up; he reminds me of someone I know...
Keep up the good work, I laugh my ass off every time I watch this!


one of the best portal entries yet. the graphics are really fitting. im still laughing my ass off.

Fucking Hilarious

I loved this movie. Very funny. Worth watching!

In one word... Marvellous...

See you, Ryan Gillarde... See you... YOU, sir, are a bloody GENIUS. Never before have I witnessed such a magnificent specimen on the Portal. Sir, I salute you and your funny, FUNNY ways. Watch it, people. Watch it lest you miss out on a classic.

Mother Fucking Excellent

Ive watched this motherfuckin flick at least 50 times its still out of control funny. Great work