Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 4"

Funny series !!!!

''Idiots Anonymous''is an excellent comedy series that you have done . I have now seen all 4-episodes including part 2 with Pauls girlfriend . At EVERY single episode you've completed here, I've laughed myself sick until I could barely breathe !! HA ! HA ! HA ! :)

Another funny addition to the excellent series.

Very funny......make many more.It has an interesting sense of humor.



This has been my fav. flash for one year

This is kick ass flash animation!!! I wonder what happend to idiots anonymous 5. I heard he was making one. Oh well, I still think this is one of the best flashes I have ever seen. No, wait, it IS the best flash I have ever seen.

Fucking excellent

That was fucking hilarious! Make some more!