Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 4"


HOLY SHIT! hilarious... in fact " Its Pica-licious"... I know this because wait.. Im thinkin of Spider Monkeys.. but seriously.. i just went to TGIF and we had a waiter just like that!... but this movie is HILARIOUS!

thats been the best so far.

PAULS ROOMMATES FUNNY AS. anyway. i love the series. that hobo dude is also funny and u well and trully have masterd the long arkward pauses.

Ultimatly funny

That has to be the funnest thing that I ever saw and man that was realy good.


man these idiots anonymous series get better each time u should make more.

the best of flash is right before you, guys

this is one of the best series on newgrounds. keep it up. hahahahaha pickles and mayonaise hahhahaah that's a riot