Reviews for "Mutants II"

Well done

Very well done, I really liked the first one and this is more fun. The graphics and animation, are very good, so is the gameplay. Keep it up!

that was sssssooooooooo awesum

that was awesum gud grafics gud story it was awesum!!!!!!!!!

A great idea and a great game.

You did an excellent job on this little gem, the weapons are cool and bosses are awesome. Anybody who bitches because you use the arrow keys needs to shut the fuck up, it's not that hard.

1 word: Woot!

I love these kind of games! I didn't even beat it, I still love it! Keep up the good work man, keep it up!

this was great

Other then the graphics this was a great game good story easy controls. Here is the pass for all wepons at the begining tringle square star O there you go. Keep up the good work