Reviews for "Mutants II"

very nice one

This game was great! Most of the games who appear in the flash portal arent that good, but this one rocks!

Pretty damn good but,,,,

If you get put into a locked room I.E. after you get the flame thrower... and use it to kill the monsters and kill them both at the same time the doors wont open again and you cant progress.

Well done

Very well done, I really liked the first one and this is more fun. The graphics and animation, are very good, so is the gameplay. Keep it up!

Thats a cool game..

I like it. keep up the good work if you make a mutants 3.. or in any other flash you do... definatly cool gameplay, I think that is what I enjoyed the most about it. its easy to get hooked.

I dont like it

It wasnt that bad but i just dont like shooters sry :(