Reviews for "Mutants II"

Awesome game

Thought it was unique, would have been nice to see an end movie, and if you got to use WASD instead of the arrow keys, other than that it was awesome.

To those of you that dont feel like getting all the weapons, put in "Triangle, Square, Star, Circle" at the password screen. This lets you start from the beggining with all the weapons unlocked.

through it

Played it. Initially skipped the text and intro animation, though after completion I decided to have a look. Played through to the end. Took me a while to understand how the items worked. Completed it, with a 'bad ending'. I have to ask - are there multiple endings?

+++ Core gameplay is fairly fun.

++++ The various items are fun and interesting to use.

++++ Weapon 5 is cool.

--- I think we should have more feedback for the items. I mean when we pick one up, have it so that it momentarily shows the number of items we now have of that sort.

--- If we could use ASDW for directions, that'd be more intuitive, specially with the other buttons used.

--- Core gameplay is a bit limited.

--- reincarnating enemies are annoying

-- I don't think you introduce the mechanics well enough. I think the first few screens should have been an ultra-easy tutorial for the mechanics. The whole thing with the items could have been better explained, I felt.

-- Quite a few typos and errors in the writing.

Cool game.

I enjoyed playing through it.

Toccuma responds:

The "bad - or if i may just release confusion on that, "negitive" ending" is due to to this being set before the first Mutants. *If* I ever make a third, it'll be set after that, possibly allowing then for a happy ending. But other than that you make some valid statements and suggestions,I'll note them if a third arrises, Thx o^-^o

Nice, Great Game

Its a great game, I had Trouble with the mouse Targeter at first. after a While I got used to it, The white And Red Mutants where the hardest for me. I plkayed it again with all the weapons Trying to beat it as fast as possable. I did it in 10 mins and 19 secs. I was expecting an alternate ending if i did that but I guess not. All in all it is a great game. Nice job.

Nice game!

Really cool game i liked it i played it out and some parts were pretty hard while some were too easy (endboss) i would like to see part 2!

Why why why!?

this game would have been perfect if you would have enabled the wasd keyboard setup instead of the arrow keys otherwise it is awesome

Toccuma responds:

Sorry bout that, WASD never crossed my mind... Owell, if I did that there would no doubt be a whole buncha people asking how you walk, but I'll prolly update that when i get the chance, which unforchantly wont be for some time.. =(