Reviews for "Mutants II"

Great, but runs slow

This game was awesome; it felt much like zelda with guns or something. Enemies, bosses, etc. were very well put together and, for the most part, didn't use the exact same strategy to kill you. The only problem I saw was that the game often slowed to a crawl, and to a stop when I got to the monster that turned invisible periodically, causing the browser to freeze. Maybe that's just my laptop though. Overall, very good game.

Was canny good

This was a canny good game. nice graphics and story line, better than most of the topdown shooters that have been swamping most game sites.

Good job

awesome! a nice blend of action and challenge

the moment i got into my first fight in this game, i was hooked! the guns all had infinite ammo, sacrificing strategy for lack of struggling with refilling ammo. there needs to be some melee weapons, cuz when you get cornered with 3 monsters surrounding you, your basically screwed. other than that, this was an awesome game! i didnt play the first one, but i gotta now!

Nice Job

Great Submission ... keep up the good work :)


This was very well designed, and I mean designed - some people develop an engine, a game style or something - but then they'll post it on here unfinished and there's not much to the content. But this actually felt like (well, by console standards it would be very short) a real game. It had a nice enemy/challenge progression, and the path you take and how you get weapons etc. felt all very well paced. This is one of very few flash games where I was hooked on the gameplay from the start, and had the drive to want to finish it - the difficulty is just enough to keep you strafing and shooting, using those items when you need them. On the last boss I actually died about 3 times before finally working out just how to overcome the odds; it had that frustrating yet magnetizing effect usually only found in a major title. Very nicely done, promising future.