Reviews for "Mutants II"

I'm either stupid...

Or I have bad hand-eye coordination. I got mauled by a bunch of slugs and then attacked by... Flying thingies and mutilated by troll-looking things. Personally, the game was a little too hard to operate, but I don't know, I'm not exactly intelligent. I could have sworn I heard no sound when you shot the gun and that's half the fun of shooting in a game. I admit I didn't get very far, the flying bugs or whatever killed me. Overall, I think it'd be a better game for someone not as stupid as me.

I loved the game

The ending sucked ass for all that work you do. Apart from that fun game just work on somethin that doesnt end like all your work was useless.

Fun game

I liked this game! Thought it was cool. The controls are hard if your not fast with the keyboard, but other than that I liked it.

Controls Need Work

The game itself is fun and enjoyable but the controls are a real pain in the arse. To have to reach all the way to the 9+0 keys to change items and then reach for the space to use them makes for my left hand leaving the arrows and thus i stop moving. If i'm in the middle of a fight and trying to strafe around enemies and then trying to change items it makes the need for another left hand apparent. If there was a way to make the wasd control an alternative to the arrow keys it would make the game less frustrating and more accessable.


nothing to new or different but i liked it.