Reviews for "Mutants II"

pretty cool

it was decent

Chuck Norris would be proud.

This was a real great game here personaly I'm not a shooter fan but this one was awsome there were some things needing to be fixed like the scrolling of items it was kinda hard to reach between p and 9 0 12345 and sometimes you would take damage paused I also was like oh infinte ammo this game is gonna be easy. but no you made it challenging and I love that more guns would have been awsome and that was ingenious with the snowman shotgun + freeze ray. This is gonna go down in newgrounds history.

You Rock, Piconjo sux.
Now please give me 50 bucks

Surprisingly good!

I don't know why, but when i read the title of this i was expecting something dull and filled to the tops with cliche's etc. But when i did play it, i knew this game had something different; controls were easy to pick up, wasn't bland and all on one level; no it was challenging a breath of fresh air.

Well done, mate ;-)

controls need work

either allow people to configure the controls themselves or at the very least give the option to use ASDW for movement instead. Also you don't need to even toch the monsters for them to hurt you, way too hard for such a small screen

that was stupid...

I hated that game... it was to hard with all the buttens located on completely diffrent sides of the computer and the music was crappy and kept repeating... IT WAS CRAP!!!!!!!