Reviews for "Chicken Runs"

why do you do this

it would have been funnier if it where longer it looks like you put no time at all into it

this was ok

its called chicken runs because hes a chicken who has the runs get it he has to shit...


i dont get it why is this called CHICKEN RUNS when its shows a chicken waiting to go in the toilet its WAY TOOOOOOOOOO SHORT, i'm just going to play Balloon Duel now bb all

Good short.

It was decent in pretty much all aspects, but it was much too short.
A good movie really needs to rely on more than one joke or pun, or punchline at the end for any humour effect.
This was too short, and too predictable, so it only gets half marks for being that.


It was kinda boring it lasted for wut? 3secs and not really funny . it did however have good graphics and that all that pulls this movie up.