Reviews for "Chicken Runs"

Nice short

It was ok in most respects, but it was too short. A good movie really needs to rely on more than one joke or pun, unless it's absolutely hilarious. This was somewhat predictable, so it only gets half marks.


...that was pretty funny and well done. The graphics were awesome. This is a piece of work. It would be better if it was longer, but I guess you can't really drag the joke out for much longer. But overall I enjoyed this.

((( LOL FUNNY )))

hehhe that was so very very short, but funny as hell, great job, i loved it...

Great work!

A little short, but funny! You should have gone a bit further with it. Other than that, it was awesome.

It is pretty ok.

Needs to be longer or something..gfx are great though. Sound could be improved..good though. Funny.