Reviews for "Spinestep"

Wow that voice = shivers

Man you are on to something here!!!!!

Great stuffff normally not my style but this i like!

10/10 5/5

Please return the favor on my new song: Getting to know you?

Flamingweeny responds:



MAN now THAT is some dubstep! Made my spine tingle! True to its title! LOVE the scratchiness of it! NICE WORK!

Flamingweeny responds:

mission accomplished :) thanks


you mofo! Nice job! Wish I could make dubstep like that !


Took all of :30 for me to decide this was an immediate download. I'm putting it on my touch and gonna hook it up to my twin R12's in my car and rock this durty durty beat in my jeep like RIGHT now. Love this shit man you quite definitely broke my ears off.



i love it the bass is almost orgasmic and the slightly haunting / comforting vocals i feel go nicely with this tbh. it really didn't take me long to fav this song and you and download this song at all lol thanks very much for the awesome song will be listening to it alot lol !