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Reviews for "Age of Empires II"

Make A Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors Drawing

Manguinha responds:

Man, i've never played the expansion :(.

Excellent interpretation of William Wallace! For that alone you get 5/5.

Everything else was also great, you have a very unique approach to drawing and I like it. Following now too! Keep up the good work!

Manguinha responds:

Thanks :)

Muito foda


age of empires is one of my favorite games ever, so this fan-art is quite awesome and close to home.
i believe that AoE 2, was a great game, and it can still stand proudly amongst many modern games, despite that it's more than 10 years old.
a wonderful game, with epic campaigns, and a legendary history.

as for your artwork, its great as well! nice work on drawing the characters/heroes and i like how you have them set in their natural enviroment, showing either their cities/country/landscapes, or the places of their greatest wars/victories.

i love how strong and menacing william wallace looks in this, with the scar and the sword and all.
i also like how joan d'ark looks gothic in her style/face and ready to battle in a difficult siege.
saladin is awesome, ofcourse, and both his armour, and his face expression, are epic.
as for jenghis khan, he is pretty cool and blood-thristy, showing a bloody, and recently invaded great wall, THE great wall in fact.

and barbarossa, standing in the middle, reigning his land, and dominating the center of this drawing.

all in all, an awesome artwork, of great kings and warriors.

Manguinha responds:

Thanks for these words man :)!