Reviews for "Bozophilia"

good and sad story, but good and happy ending.

the whole story was like all messtup, a sad clown with a bad life, intel he find love with a mine, for me that was creepy, but still alright story, he found a happy spot but, then again the woman from the little birthday boy's mother was looking at the clown or person like the hots for him, that creepy. anyway that is a good, sad and happy story, I really like the ending because when he saw the balloon, he still find hope, now the was a very good ending. a 10 out of 10

nice artwork

i loved the story line and i loved the art work. it was very detailed. you diserve the front page nice job,

Unique idea

Funny, sad, crazy and weird all at once.

Very good graphics, and a very good unique idea. Though only 3 or 4 words were spoken the intire flash you could get a strong message of derogetry, depression and sense of failure.

Good work, 5/5, 10/10


That was a great movie... seems like you can go further with it though. Keep up the good work!

poor clown

one of the best, orignal,