Reviews for "Bozophilia"


FUCKING MIMES you cant trust them. DEATH TO MIMES. good work man, love to see more

Wonderful story!

It's very remeniscent of Shakes the Clown starring Bobcat Goldthwait. Anyway, I like how you created the cartoon in classic pantomime style to create a timeless quality to it. I can easily see this at a spike & mike festival or at an art house showing. You've got some great skills both in animating and storytelling. 5/5


Its going on my favorites list. I like serious shorts, and this one is definatly serious.. but why I enjoy it, is because its a serious short about a clown, and dominatrix, and a mime whom steals all the clowns money. It strikes me as brilliance.. Like in Army of Darkness. A serious adventure movie about a guy with a chainsaw for an arm fighting an army of the dead, in a midieval castle.. GOOD WORK.. haha

A unique item

It is very hard to find some work of this calibur, when the majority leans towards fictional sex and vulgarity humor. The idea of something similar to these events, actually occurring is quite amazing. Someone out there really dealing with this situation and with the ending being very beautiful and very real. Were always wrapped up in our storybook endings, it takes a real tragedy to show true closure. This was a great work, and i loved the chaplin tribute let alone the symbolic ending, your a great creater/director/producer.

a fan of your work

i been a fan of chillz story and the composer and i am glad you keep the same unique style you have of telling stories.