Reviews for "Bozophilia"


Awesome story, and very well animated too...

Congrats, Big 10!!


Evil Mime girl,
she should be beaten up.
Poor clown guy, he was alreet. :P x

This was somehow dissatisfying

The story was ok, but it just let you hanging out with a clown who lost everything, and is back where he was before. Of course, Noir is like that. But if you would have shown the mime girl more, it would be even more tragic or surprising when she does that to him.

Overall it was nice animated and good dramatic use of music.


he looks like a rejected simpsons character.


This is the first time i've ever heard about "bozophilia". I thought i've heard of every sexual fantasy. Turns out i'm wrong.
But aside from that....

You did an amazing job with this.