Reviews for "Bozophilia"


all of your movies set an intersting tone for the auidence, sometimes sad, depressed, bored. I love all ur stories they're about love and usually of some sort of loss. Excellenct work

Very good it defo on my favioute's !

Not sure i , like the loadin'g bit. - 1 mark
I loved how you can play and pause it that 1 mark .
I love the begging 1 Mark.
LOve the house's and how much detail you put into it 2 marks
Love how he is a clown everyone think's he is boreing 3 mark's
It gave him a nosed bleed , whitch is very good the name should have been sad clown or somthink so i will give that 4 Mark's but a - 1 mark .
I say a total of : 9

Pretty awesome

Loved the noir style of the story. It's very well made and long. I give 10

hey! nice piece3 of flash

jaw dropping good unusual style of flash making

the guy from the composer made his cameo when the mime bitch rode the train


ZOMG something that has a storyline, moral AND length. You even made it look good O.O 10 for that