Reviews for "Bozophilia"


Your animation abilities are awsome, but there were just a couple things that bothered me. The sound couldeve been abit better and some of the fades were a bit too slow. And honestly I didn't really get the point of the movie itself. Great work all around though!

Good film , but sad.

A really nice movie , but sad. U got a good future , keep making movies.
Good history line. I wonder if u will make a "part 2" of this...


Nothing short of amazing. It is just the best flash I have seen. It really touches you in so many ways and makes it feel...real. I would say you are an excellent story teller with a wonderful style that really hits people in real life. This is simply an outstanding job that you did with this flash and I'll remember it and the message it gave for a long time. Thank you, there should be more flashes that share these kind of messages and are so creative and well done. Excellent job my friend, excellent job...

Unique idea

Funny, sad, crazy and weird all at once.

Very good graphics, and a very good unique idea. Though only 3 or 4 words were spoken the intire flash you could get a strong message of derogetry, depression and sense of failure.

Good work, 5/5, 10/10

I love your animations.

Oh man. I have always enjoyed your animations so much. This one was no different. Excellent work. You're style is unique and the stories are compelling. I nearly wet myself when the father showed up in the gimp suit. The ending made me sad though. I thought maybe he got robbed by someone else.. but his girl? Ouch. Anyway I give you all tens. Please continue with your ideas as I love watching. Much love.