Reviews for "Bozophilia"

Thank you

you my friend(and i mean it)are the best flash artist ive ever seen and are both a talented writer and artist, for your flash videos i thank you, because they are beatiful. and i hope you continue to make flash videos or at least tell me where you are going to make you next one

Loved it...

Great animation and plot. The ending was pretty depressing, but a happy ending wouldn't exactly fit in with tone of the video.

Great Job

Well thought out plot. I loved the transition that stayed on the house and tracked the course of the day until he returned. I loved how you only showed him in clown until he took off his makeup and nose in the mirror. It was a clever, simple transformation of character. I liked the plot and the wierdness of it. I liked the "It's Hopless" woman at the beginning and end. Very very clever and well done. I believe the text was cropped in your work, which rewards the savy watcher. I liked how you made your character a sympathetic focus. He felt human.


cool but i really dont care for the more than sad ending.


Wow that was great,it actually made me sad.Again great work.