Reviews for "Bozophilia"


I love all your flashes man, especially this one.... it's all black and white except his eyes when he's hungover and his clown nose... rather unusal family too.
Also, I liked seeing the 'composer' man in the background!


I really love this movie! About an unhappy clown and no dialoge as well. That's what I like. What a serious short, even though it wasn't short. I loved it very much!


i really liked this poor clown ): i feel so bad for him
he should go back to that dominatrix chika lol
gave the violence a two because she had a whip lol
and interactivity can have a five because there was a start button :)


That was very interesting. I really liked how the red nose was the only thing in color, and no one talked. It was very unique. I loved it.

I quote.

"Hope you like."

I like. :)