Reviews for "Bozophilia"

T_T so sad........

That was the saddest flash i have ever seen. Mimi took all his money? I am still crying.

omg cant b better

that was the best flash ive seen on ng yet. it was good that it was long because it didnt slow down at all. it was funnt when the guy opened the door, and u ould see the naked chick upstairs. i loved the graphics. and the sound was perfect. he got in a fight so why nnot give violence a 3? perfect. absolutely positivley perfect

simpily awsome

this movie is simply,well,awsome!yeah...and that mime...she is a jack ass stealing all the cloun's money!


Great piece of work. Nice movement through the character and the situations, the style is great.

Five for this!

Its Good

this is what i meant when i discredited the composer i said that the character needed more of a relationship with the viewer i like this great work
that is all