Reviews for "Bozophilia"


this was a great flash i have to say
yea it was kinda long but not fulla crap
also the thing that really got me was the eyes
i dunno why but i just kept on thinking about where the eyes are looking
sounds wierd but still i really liked it

Very good

It was kinda long, but it was really good. I loved it! Loved the music! It was really great, just like The Composer and Chillz!

Very Nice Video!

What a great video! Very interesting to see the life of a clown.. Nice that you took your time on it, too.. Which made the movie better.


I really liked this so true and the ending was really quite nicely depressing keep up the good stuff!


It wasn't as good as his other movie, The Composer, but I thought it was great. It was funny when the mum and dad were upstairs in kinky underwear and the little boy came home, but sad when that bitch Mimi took all his money. Very good. Please make more!